About the 2040 Campus Master Plan

To support the Strategic Initiatives and Objectives, Santa Monica College is currently undertaking a Campus Master Plan to create a physical environment that:

  • Supports the College’s academic mission;
  • Informs critical decision-making;
  • Provides a sustainable framework for programs and capital development;
  • Maximizes opportunities for funding

The foundation of the plan includes:

  • Analysis and observations of existing conditions, including building use, open space, utilities/infrastructure, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, and environmental systems.
  • Existing space utilization and space needs assignment based on current needs, and five- and ten-year projections
  • Short-/long-term capital plan with project prioritization and implementation sequencing

The campus master planning process is based on a series of interactive and intensive workshops conducted over multiple days. During each workshop, the planning team will engage members of the Santa Monica College community in dialogue, fact-finding,and decision-making. Each workshop spans multiple days and includes interview sessions, workshops, and open forums. Workshops are a blend of presenting ideas out to groups and listening to feedback to continuously evolve the plan’s development.

Together, we will create a useful, realistic, and visionary road map for Santa Monica College that prioritizes future facility needs and defines a successful implementation process.

This microsite was developed for the Facilities Master Plan, which serves as a living document that tracks the life span of the project. During the planning phase, the microsite serves as a working site that charts the schedule and progress and provides a platform for information for both the campus and community. Once the planning process is completed, the site will become a singular home to planning documents and progress updates.

For more information on how you can participate in the 2019 Facilities Master Plan, click here.

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