Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Campus Master Plan?

A Campus Master Plan (CMP) determines and guides the physical development of a campus to support strategic direction, priorities, and needs.

Why is Santa Monica College conducting a Campus Master Plan?

Santa Monica College is currently undertaking a holistic,comprehensive Campus Master Plan (CMP) to create a physical environment that supports the strategic vision and initiatives.

Who develops the Campus Master Plan?

Santa Monica College is committed to providing an open, thoughtful,transparent and inclusive master planning process. 

The plan is led by the Senior Staff and a Core Planning Group, both of which are responsible for the overall direction of the plan and decision-making throughout the process.

In addition, the process will include stakeholder engagement throughout the process with students, faculty, staff, and community. Learn more about how to get involved here.

The planning team is led by an outside consultant, DLR Group, an internationally recognized architectural, planning, and design firm. 

How is the Campus Master Plan used?

The CMP will be a coordinated road map for Santa Monica College that sets forth recommendations of projects that align with strategic priorities set forth in the Strategic Planning. The plan will prioritize projects and inform capital budget requests. The new master plan will identify projects and renovations on a twenty-year horizon. However it will also develop a framework for decision making for projects that aren’t yet identified or arise over the course of the next 20 years. 

What is the schedule for the Campus Master Plan process?

Click here to view the schedule for the 2040 Campus Master Plan.

How do I get involved?

We want to hear from everyone, including faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and the community. Santa Monica College is committed to providing an open, thoughtful, transparent and inclusive master planning process designed to engage the campus and the community. There will be multiple structured opportunities to provide input and feedback throughout the process, but we welcome your thoughts at any time. You can use this form to send in questions, comments, or ideas.

I have a question; Who do I ask?

All questions, comments, and ideas can be directed to:

Charlie Yen
Director of Facilities Planning

You may also contact us directly by filling out the form located here.

Upcoming Workshops

Open House: Review Draft Plan
February 25-27, 2020
Want more information on upcoming meetings, or want to submit a question or comment?