Department Chairs Recap

Santa Monica College kicked off the Campus Master Plan update with a series of on-campus meetings with planning consultants DLR Group. During Workshop 01/02, a large cross-section of stakeholders participated in determining how the physical campus can better support the mission and vision of Santa Monica College.

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Aligning Teaching with Space Needs

Because styles of teaching and learning are directly tied to how much physical space we need in classrooms and labs, it is imperative to understand the future of pedagogy at Santa Monica College. Department Chairs outlined the ways they teach today, and the way they want to be teaching in the future.  Today, the average sf/station ratio is approx. 15 asf/station. Overall, the way faculty wishes to teach would require more classroom and lab space than exists today in the current facilities. The ratio should be closer to 30 asf/station. We will continue this study during Opening Day, please join us during the Campus Master Planning session to learn more about the process and participate in interactive activities.
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Department Chairs
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